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How to upgrade PrestaShop using the Upgrade Assistant

Also known as the “Autoupgrade module” or the “1-click upgrade module”, PrestaShop upgrade assistant aims to automatize the upgrade process.

It is available from your shop administration panel. It executes the upgrade process automatically, and is available for almost all versions of PrestaShop.

The same note as above, in order to have this module working you must have set in /app/config/parameters.php database account with full privileges.
Since version 4.15, only upgrades from PS 1.7.x to PS 8.y versions are supported by the module. If you upgrade from a version older than 1.7, please use a previous version of this module (v4.14.3 and less) and refer to previous major version upgrade guide.

Download / Installation

Then, import your module archive on the modules page. To do so, you can find the button “Upload a module” (PrestaShop >= 1.7.x) at the top right of the page. Clicking on it will open a form that will allow you to upload your module zip.

  • From the administration panel


The configuration page of the module displays some checks and the options available for an upgrade.

The first configuration lets you choose what kind of upgrade you want to run. It is always recommended to stick with the minor / major branches of the options, as they use some additional information provided by PrestaShop (md5 checksum, core files to delete…).

It is always recommended to let the module make its own backup, because it will allow it to immediately run a rollback if something goes wrong during the upgrade.

However, if you are confident in the backup you have made and are ready to rollback manually in case of trouble, you can disable the backup step.

Finally, the last options customizing the upgrade process let you keep any changes you have done to the default theme, mails etc.

If the configuration chosen and the self-checks are valid, a button “Upgrade Now” will be available. Clicking immediately start the upgrade.

Note the interface may be unfriendly to you, but it displays as much information as possible to let you know what happened in case of trouble. Let the process run until the message “Upgrade successful” appears.

If an error is found, you will be given the choice to rollback.