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Compatible licenses

The PrestaShop open source project is distributed under the OSL 3.0 license. All dependencies included and distributed with PrestaShop must be compatible with this license.

Software dependencies

Below is a list of the known compatible licenses that can be accepted for software dependencies:

  • AFL
  • Apache
  • BSD
  • CC-O
  • EPL
  • EUPL
  • ISC
  • MIT
  • Unlicense


Artwork (including but not limited to: icons, pictures and fonts) is usually distributed with specific licenses. Below is a list of known compatible licenses that can be accepted for artwork:

  • Art Libre
  • Artistic
  • CC-0
  • CC-by
  • CC-by-sa
  • Unlicense
  • OFL (mainly used for text fonts)

In general, public domain is not acceptable, as it does not exist in all jurisdictions or countries.

Special clauses

Dependencies might also specify additional license clauses that would introduce a restriction of use. In such cases, legal compliance must be verified before that dependency can be included in the project.