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This form class is responsible for selecting a customer.

Type options

Option Type Default value Description

Code example

        // "%QUERY" is appended to url in order to avoid "%" sign being encoded into "%25",
        // it used as a placeholder to replace with actual query in JS
        'remote_url' => $this->router->generate('admin_customers_search', ['sf2' => 1]) . '&customer_search=%QUERY',
        'mapping_value' => 'id_customer',
        'mapping_name' => 'fullname_and_email',
        'placeholder' => $this->translator->trans('All customers', [], 'Admin.Global'),
        'template_collection' => '<div class="media-body"><div class="label">%s</div><i class="material-icons delete">clear</i></div>',
        'limit' => 1,
        'required' => false,
        'label' => $this->translator->trans('Add customer', [], 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'),

Preview example

TypeaheadCustomerCollectionType rendered in form using textarea