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The PrestaShop architecture

PrestaShop has been built as a monolith following traditional object-oriented PHP practices. Originally based on a custom framework, it’s progressively being migrated to Symfony.


  • Introduction to PrestaShop's Architecture

    Learn how PrestaShop is structured: back-end, front-end, business stack, themes and modules

  • File structure

    An explanation about each directory content of the project

  • Legacy

    This section describes components from the Legacy architecture.

  • Modern

    This section describes components from the Modern architecture.

  • How to migrate Back Office pages to Symfony

    The guide we use to migrate pages to Symfony

  • Domain-driven architecture

    Where PrestaShop architecture is going

  • Cache

    Cache Classes in the root namespace and overridesThe /var/cache/<ENV>/class_index.php file contains the link between the class and the declaration file. If there is a caching issue, this file can be safely deleted. SmartyWhen the store’s front-end doesn’t quite reflect your changes and emptying the browser’s cache is not effective, try emptying the following folders: /var/cache/<ENV>/smarty/cache /var/cache/<ENV>/smarty/compile

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