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Specific prices

PrestaShop offers a feature that allows to set specific prices depending on various parameters (country, currency, customer group, …). The regular API only return the generic prices so if you need some specific prices you can use the price parameter. It is available on:

  • products
  • combinations

Custom prices will be added in an alias field that you need to indicate in your parameters.


Let’s say you want to retrieve the price for combination 25 of the product 2, with tax, in a webservice field name my_price, then you’ll need to query:


This will add an XML node into the product response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<prestashop xmlns:xlink="">

Specific price parameters

Name Type Description
country int Customer’s country (use the resource ID)
state int Customer’s state (use the resource ID)
postcode int Customer’s zip/postal code
currency int Currency used for the price (use the resource ID)
group int Customer’s user group (use the resource ID)
quantity int Quantity of products
product_attribute int Product attribute (combination) ID
decimals int Number of decimals used for rounding (displayed result may still have more with pending zeros)
use_tax bool Include taxes in the price (allowed values: 0|1 )
use_reduction bool Include reduction associated to the specific price (allowed values: 0|1 )
only_reduction bool Only display the reduction associated to the specific price (allowed values: 0|1 )
use_ecotax bool Include eco tax in the price (allowed values: 0|1 )

You can define multiple specific prices in the same request, which is useful if you need prices with and without taxes: /api/products/2?price[my_price_tax_incl][use_tax]=1&price[my_price_tax_excl][use_tax]=0

Or if you want the product price along with its reduction detail: /api/products/2?price[my_price][use_reduction]=1&price[my_reduction][only_reduction]=1