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This form type is used for an OneToMany (or ManyToMany) association, it allows to search a list of entities (based on a remote URL) and associate it. It is based on the CollectionType form type which provides prototype features to display a custom template for each associated item.

Type options

Option Type Default value Description

Code example

$builder->add('related_products', EntitySearchInputType::class, [
    'label' => $this->trans('Related products', 'Admin.Catalog.Feature'),
    'label_tag_name' => 'h3',
    'entry_type' => RelatedProductType::class,
    'entry_options' => [
        'block_prefix' => 'related_product',
    'remote_url' => $this->router->generate('admin_products_v2_search_associations', [
        'languageCode' => $this->employeeIsoCode,
        'query' => '__QUERY__',
    'min_length' => 3,
    'filtered_identities' => $productId > 0 ? [$productId] : [],
    'placeholder' => $this->trans('Search product', 'Admin.Catalog.Help'),

Preview example

EntitySearchInputType rendered in form example