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DateTimeColumn Type

You can use this column type in your Grid to format datetime values. It is common to get datetime values (e.g. Created at, Updated at & etc.) from the database and format them before displaying.

Available options

Properties Type Expected value
field string required The record field name that the column displays.
format string default: Y-m-d H:i:s The format to use when formatting datetime values.

Example usage

use PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Grid\Column\Type\Common\DateTimeColumn;
use PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Grid\Column\ColumnCollection;

$dateTimeColumn = new DateTimeColumn('datetime');
$dateTimeColumn->setName('Created at');
     'field' => 'date_add',     // the field name that has a datetime value
     'format' => 'Y/d/m H:i:s', // define a custom format for the datetime

$columns = new ColumnCollection();