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Unit tests


Unit tests are powered by PHPUnit. They test one and only one PHP class, mocking/stubbing any dependencies that class might have.

This Unit folder meets some rules:

  • One PHP class = one test file.
  • The test file path must follow the class filepath/
  • Every class dependency must be replaced by test doubles.

If there is a hard-coded dependency such as a singleton pattern being used or a static call, this class cannot be unit tested and should be tested using integration tests.


We use the following stack:


  • Use camelCase names for test function names.
  • Try to make method names explain the intent of the test case as best as possible. Don’t hesitate to write long method names if necessary.
    • Bad example: testGetPrice (no idea what such a test is supposed to do)
    • Good example: testDiscountIsAppliedToFinalPrice

Execute & Create tests

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