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Products search index

In PrestaShop, product search functionality relies on keyword-based indexing. Each search query entered in the search bar undergoes sanitization and is split into individual words. These words are then matched against the ps_search_word table. Matching product IDs are retrieved from the ps_search_index, followed by the process of weighting and sorting to deliver the most relevant product results.

flowchart TB id1[Search Query] --> id2[Sanitize,\nremove unwanted words,\nsplit by words] id2 --> id3[Retrieve `id_word` from `ps_search_word`] id3 --> id4[Retrieve `id_product` and `weight` from `ps_search_index`] id4 --> id5[Weight results to return most relevant products]

Search index structure

classDiagram ps_product <-- ps_search_index ps_search_word <-- ps_search_index ps_product : int product_id ps_product : ... class ps_search_index{ int id_product int id_word int weight } class ps_search_word{ int id_word int id_shop int id_lang varchar word }

Search index lifecycle

There are several actions that can trigger a reindex of a product or the complete catalog in the database:

Location action indexation type
PrestaShop installation injecting fixtures product
PrestaShop installation installing a theme full
Back Office creating a product from Back Office product
Back Office updating a product from Back Office product
Back Office duplicating a product from Back Office product
Back Office deleting a product from Back Office product
Back Office activating a product from Back Office product
Back Office creating a new shop full
Back Office installing a theme full
Back Office requesting an index rebuild full or missing product only
Webservices creating a product product
Webservices updating a product product
Crons refreshing search index full

Search index fields weights

Almost every field / information in the product is weighted to fine tune result relevance.

The weight of fields is adjustable from the Back Office > Shop Parameters > Search with the configuration keys below:

Field Configuration key Default weight Description
pname PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_PNAME 6 Product name
reference PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Product reference
pa_reference PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination reference
supplier_reference PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Supplier reference
pa_supplier_reference PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination supplier reference
ean13 PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Product EAN13
pa_ean13 PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination EAN13
pa_isbn PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination ISBN
pa_upc PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination UPC
pa_mpn PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_REF 10 Combination MPN
description_short PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_SHORTDESC 1 Product short description
description PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_DESC 1 Product description
cname PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_CNAME 3 Category name
mname PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_MNAME 3 Manufacturer name
tags PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_TAG 4 Product tags
attributes PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_ATTRIBUTE 2 Combinations
features PS_SEARCH_WEIGHT_FEATURE 2 Product features

Trigger a Search Index refresh by cron

To trigger a search index refresh via cron, create a GET request URL to the Back Office Admin controller, AdminSearch.

Param Value Description
action searchCron
ajax 1
full 1 If 1, it will rebuild the full index. If 0 or omitted, it will index only missing products
token tokenValue
You can find indexation URL in Back Office > Shop Parameters > Search > Indexing

Instead of manually running the script, you can use an indexation URL with cURL in a crontab.

# crontab
# triggers a reindex everyday at 6:00AM
0 6 * * * curl https://domain.tld/admin-xxx/index.php?controller=AdminSearch&action=searchCron&ajax=1&full=1&token=xxxxxxxx