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Testing the Webservice with Postman

Postman is a powerful collaboration platform that simplifies the process of developing, testing, documenting, and sharing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) by providing a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive set of tools.

Some example collections of Postman requests on PrestaShop Webservice are available on our repository.

Install Postman

Postman is available on Linux, MacOS and Windows. Please follow instructions here.

How to use these examples

Clone the repository

First, clone the example repository locally:

git clone [email protected]:PrestaShop/webservice-postman-examples.git

Import a collection

Open Postman, and choose “File > Import”. Then navigate to the cloned repository, and import a JSON collection.

The collection will be available in the sidebar:

Postman sidebar

Set the Webservice URL and authorization key

Click on the collection title (PrestaShop Webservice Demo Resource), and navigate in the Variables tab:

Postman sidebar

  • Overwrite the webservice_key with your webservice key (set value in the CURRENT VALUE cell).
  • Overwrite the webservice_url with your PrestaShop instance url (set value in the CURRENT VALUE cell).

Run examples

Confirm the connection with the Webservice is working properly by running a request:

Postman sidebar

Select a request, and click on the Send button.

Product resource examples (demo_product_collection.json)

This collection shows all CRUD actions on the Product resource:

  • List Products (GET)
  • Get Product (GET)
  • Create Product (POST)
  • Update Product (PUT and PATCH)
  • Delete Product (DELETE)

Create a product from start to finish with Webservices (demo_product_creation_AZ.json)

This collection illustrates how to create a product from A to Z with all of its relations (to Brand, Category, Manufacturer, Images, etc.)

Article resource examples (demo_custom_resource_collection.json)

This collection is related to the tutorial: How to extend the Webservice with a custom resource