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How to contribute code changes

If you’re reading this, thank you! This means you’re interested in contributing to PrestaShop.

To be able to contribute you need:

  • a GitHub account (you can create one for free)
  • to know the basics of git and how to use a GitHub fork
  • to be able to run PrestaShop from source code

PrestaShop is hosted on GitHub. The way to submit code changes to the project is through the standard forks and pull requests flow, which is explained in the GitHub Forking Guide.

If you have trouble using this flow, you can find out more at GitHub help or by reading one of these detailed tutorials:

While it may seem complex, this flow is the standard way most open source projects use to handle contributions. This article about the flow can help you understand the reasons for each part of the process.

If you wish to start contributing smoothly, have a look at issues labelled “good first issue” and pick one to work with. This label lists all beginner-friendly bugs and improvements. Read more about this label on Build.

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We explain two ways to run PrestaShop from the sources: using docker or localhost

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