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Exporting your theme

Creating a valid ZIP file

There is no longer any theme data in the database with PrestaShop 1.7. Hence a theme is installed as soon as it is on the disk.

If you want the theme to appears in the backoffice, it only needs to contain a config/theme.yml file. This will only display it, if you want to select it as your active theme, it has to be valid. Read “What makes a valid theme”.

Export current theme

Once it is active you can export your theme using the “Export current theme” button or use the command from your terminal.

php bin/console prestashop:theme:export THEME_DIRECTORY_NAME
Use php app/console instead of php bin/console for versions prior to 1.7.4

What is exported

Exporting your theme using the button or the command line will export the following data:

  • All theme files in directory
  • Dependencies specified in theme.yml (See theme.yml doc)
  • Theme translations