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PrestaShop Developer Conference
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Resources for Addresses


Name Format Required Max size Description
id_customer isNullOrUnsignedId Customer ID
id_manufacturer isNullOrUnsignedId Manufacturer ID
id_supplier isNullOrUnsignedId Supplier ID
id_warehouse isNullOrUnsignedId Warehouse ID
id_country isUnsignedId ✔️ Country ID
id_state isNullOrUnsignedId State ID
alias isGenericName ✔️ 32
company isGenericName 255
lastname isName ✔️ 255
firstname isName ✔️ 255
vat_number isGenericName
address1 isAddress ✔️ 128
address2 isAddress 128
postcode isPostCode 12
city isCityName ✔️ 64
other isMessage 300
phone isPhoneNumber 32
phone_mobile isPhoneNumber 32
dni isDniLite 16
deleted isBool
date_add isDate
date_upd isDate

Blank schema

<prestashop xmlns:xlink="">