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How to migrate Back Office pages to Symfony

Migrating a legacy page in PrestaShop requires working on three parts of the application: templates, forms and controllers which contain the business logic.

Strategy / To-do List

This is the list of items that usually need to be done in order to complete the migration of a legacy controller.

  • Creations
    • Create PrestaShopBundle/Controller/<path>/<Your>Controller
    • Create related actions (functions matched to URIs)
    • Declare routing in PrestaShopBundle/Resources/config/routing/admin/routing_*.yml file
    • Create Symfony form types for each form available in pages
    • Create and configure Javascript (using Webpack/ES6) file
    • Create every twig blocks in views/<path>/*.html.twig
    • Implement Forms submission
    • Implement Forms validation
    • If required, implement (request) Parameters update
    • Check Error Handling
    • Checks permissions and demo mode constraints
    • Re-introduce hooks (and document the missing one if you can’t for a good reason)
    • Complete Link class to map PrestaShop menu to the new page
    • Create the smoke/survival tests for the migrated page
  • Deletions
    • Remove the old controller in controllers/admin/Admin*.php
    • Remove related old templates (in admin-dev/themes/default/template/controllers/*)

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