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Module class reference

Class attributes


$this->author = "Some Company";
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: Yes

This attribute contains the name of the module’s author. It is displayed as-is in the PrestaShop modules list.


$this->bootstrap = true;
  • Type: bool
  • Default: false
  • Required: No

This attribute indicates that the module’s template files have been built with PrestaShop 1.6+ bootstrap tools in mind – and therefore, that PrestaShop should not try to wrap the template code for the configuration screen (if there is one) with helper tags.

We recommend setting this to true, unless you specifically need it deactivated.

Note: this option has no effect in Symfony controllers.


$this->confirmUninstall = "Are you sure? Deleting this module will make kittens sad :(";
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: No

This attribute contains a confirmation message to be displayed when a user attempts to uninstall this module.


$this->description = "This module does great things with your shop.";
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: No

This attribute contains the module’s description that will be displayed in module listings.


$this->displayName = "My wonderful module";
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: No

This attribute contains the module name that will be displayed in module listings.


$this->name = "mymodule";
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: Yes

This attributes serves as an internal identifier (technical name). The value MUST be the same as the module’s folder and main class file. Only lower case letters and numbers are accepted.


$this->need_instance = 1;
  • Type: int (accepted values: 0 or 1)
  • Default: 1
  • Required: No

Indicates whether to load the module’s class when displaying the “Modules” page in the back office. If set to 0, the module will not be loaded, and therefore will spend less resources to generate the “Modules” page. If your module needs to display a warning message in the “Modules” page, then you must leave this attribute to 1.


$this->ps_versions_compliancy = [
    'min' => '1.6',
    'max' => '',
  • Type: array
  • Default: 1
  • Required: No

Indicates which versions of PrestaShop this module is compatible with. The min and max values define the lower and higher bound of the compatibility range. The example above describes a compatibility range from to (included).

PrestaShop will refuse to install the module if the current shop version is not within the module’s compatibility range.

It is a good practice to set the upper bound (max) to the most recent version of PrestaShop that you have actually tested your module with. Don’t assume that if your module has been verified to work with, say,, it will automatically work well in all subsequent 1.7 versions.


$this->tab = 'front_office_features';
  • Type: string (accepted values: read below)
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: Yes

The title for the section that shall contain this module in PrestaShop’s back office modules list.You may use an existing name, such as seo, front_office_features or analytics_stats, or a custom one. In this last case, a new section will be created with your identifier.

Here are the available “Tab” attributes, and their corresponding section in the “Modules” page:

“Tab” attribute Module section
administration Administration
advertising_marketing Advertising & Marketing
analytics_stats Analytics & Stats
billing_invoicing Taxes & Invoices
checkout Checkout
content_management Content Management
customer_reviews Customer Reviews
dashboard Dashboard
emailing E-mailing
export Export
front_office_features Front Office Features
i18n_localization Internationalization & Localization
market_place Marketplace
merchandizing Merchandizing
migration_tools Migration Tools
mobile Mobile
others Other Modules
payments_gateways Payments & Gateways
payment_security Site certification & Fraud prevention
pricing_promotion Pricing & Promotion
quick_bulk_update Quick / Bulk update
search_filter Search & Filter
seo SEO
shipping_logistics Shipping & Logistics
slideshows Slideshows
smart_shopping Comparison site & Feed management
social_community Social & Community
social_networks Social Networks


$this->version = '1.0.5';
  • Type: string
  • Default: (empty)
  • Required: Yes

The version number for the module, displayed in the modules list. We recommend following the Semantic Versioning specification.