Make PrestaShop 1.6 modules compatible with 1.7

Module front controllers

There are several changes to templating in your module front controllers.

Getting a proper template for a page

In order to display content properly in your ModuleFrontController files, you need to change the way you link to your template file in your initContent method:

- $this->setTemplate('views/templates/front/template.tpl');
+ $this->setTemplate('module:yourmodule/views/templates/front/template.tpl');

Basic structure of a module front page template

If you want your module to display an entire page with your own content, the basic structure of your .tpl file looks like this:

{extends file='page.tpl'}

{block name='page_header_container'}
Title of the page

{block name='page_content'}
Content of the page

Template inheritance is powerful mechanism available from v1.7 of PrestaShop.

More informations about front office and templating are available here and here.