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Supported branches

Maintainers should only accept contributions for branches which are subject to new releases.

Once a minor “dot-zero” version has been released, no new patch releases will be made for previous versions. This means that only the latest minor version patch branch is supported – with the exception of rare cases, like a security bug being found just before or after a minor release is published.

For example, the 1.7.4.x branch is supported until version is released. After that, the only supported version branch will be 1.7.5.x, and so on.

If you find a bug on an unsupported version, make sure that bug is still present in the latest version. If the bug is still present, please submit a Pull Request on develop.

Pull Requests for unsupported versions should not be accepted.

When in doubt, use the develop branch. We will ask you to rebase on the correct branch if necessary.