Warning: You are browsing the documentation for PrestaShop 1.7, which is outdated.

You might want to look at the current version, PrestaShop 8.

Theme-specific modules

When you write a theme, you may need to extend PrestaShop features. You can do that by adding modules that will be tied to your theme and shipped with it.

Adding a module

Theme-specific modules should be placed in your theme’s dependencies/modules directory:

└── dependencies
│   └── modules
│       └── mymodule

Declaring the module

You can declare the module in your theme’s theme.yml file:

    - mymodule

      - mymodule

This will make PrestaShop:

  • copy the module to the /modules folder when installing the theme
  • install the module the first time the theme is enabled
  • enable/disable the module along with your theme