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From PrestaShop 1.7, fields are managed in FormField class and display is set in themes/<themeName>/templates/_partials/form-fields.tpl template.

The useful methods to manage this fields are:

  • setName: Set the name of field
  • setType: Set the type of field (text, checkbox…). Read list below
  • setRequired: Set if the field is required or not
  • setLabel: Set the label of the field
  • setValue: Set the field value
  • setAvailableValues: Set the available values for the field, to select among other things
  • addAvailableValue: Add an available value for the field
  • setMaxLength: Maximum length of the field
  • setConstraint: Add a validation constraint to the field, call methods are those of the Validation class (ex isEmail)

Here are all the possible types of fields:

return [
    // Standard text field
    (new FormField)
        ->setLabel($this->trans('Your first name')),
    // File field
    (new FormField)
        ->setLabel($this->l('Upload a document')),
    // Select field
    (new FormField)
        ->setAvailableValues(['key' => 'value 1', 'key2' => 'value2'])
        ->setLabel($this->l('Select type')),
    // Country select field (like select but add a 'js js-country' class)
    (new FormField)
        ->setAvailableValues(['key' => 'value 1', 'key2' => 'value2'])
        ->setLabel($this->l('Country select')),
    // Checkbox field
    (new FormField)
        ->setLabel($this->l('Checkbox type')),
    // Radio buttons field
    (new FormField)
        ->setAvailableValues(['key' => 'value 1', 'key2' => 'value2'])
        ->setLabel($this->l('Radio buttons type')),
    // Date field
    (new FormField)
    // Birthday field
    (new FormField)
    // Password field
    (new FormField)
    // Email field
    (new FormField)
        ->setLabel($this->l('Email type')),
    // Phone field
    (new FormField)
        ->setLabel($this->l('Phone type')),
    // Hidden field
    (new FormField)
        ->setValue('My hidden value')
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