Installing PrestaShop with Docker + PrestaShop Flashlight

PrestaShop Flashlight was made to be able to start a PrestaShop instance within seconds.

It comes with default / demo content, Back Office access, and tools in the containers and in the Docker Compose manifest to run:

  • PhpMyAdmin (administration of MySQL over a web interface)
  • Composer (dependency manager for PHP)
  • php-cs-fixer (tool to apply code standards to your code)
  • phpstan (PHP STatic ANalysis tool)
  • phpunit (a PHP Testing Framework)
timeline Setup environment : Install Docker : Clone Flashlight repository Install PrestaShop : Start Docker Compose stack Use / develop on PrestaShop : You are ready to go

This installation method is not for production and should not be exposed to public traffic over the internet, please use it locally only, or at your own risks.

Are you looking for production-grade images?

Install PrestaShop with Docker

Install prerequisites

Follow this guide: Install PrestaShop with Docker at steps:

  • Install Docker
  • Install Docker Compose

Run PrestaShop with Docker + PrestaShop Flashlight

  1. Clone the git repository:
git clone [email protected]:PrestaShop/prestashop-flashlight.git
  1. Follow an example from the list provided in the repository: Examples
Example Description
auto-install-modules This example demonstates how to automatically install modules at startup
basic-example This example runs the latest available image of PrestaShop Flashlight
develop-a-module This example demonstrates how to develop modules and mount them on your PrestaShop Flashlight instance
develop-prestashop This example runs a development of PrestaShop that can help to contribute to the project
ngrok-tunnel This example runs an ngrok tunnel to expose a local environment to the Web
with-init-scripts This example runs custom init scripts before initialization of PrestaShop
with-post-scripts This example runs custom scripts after initialization of PrestaShop
  1. Start the stack
docker compose up

Wait a few seconds, and your instance is ready to be tested / accessed at http://localhost:8000.

Access / credentials Memo
Front office default URL http://localhost:8000
Back office default URL http://localhost:8000/admin-dev
Back office default email [email protected]
Back office default password prestashop

Examples and environment variables reference

A complete list of environment variables available for tuning the instance, and a few examples are available in the Github repository: