Create hooks available in Front Office

This section of the documentation is only about front office hooks: display and action.

Creating a dynamic hook

When your module or theme calls a hook, PrestaShop executes it.

This is how it is called from a PHP file:


This is how it is called from a Smarty template:

{hook h='MyCustomHook'}

Register the hook to make it visible and reusable

If you add a hook call, it is better to register it.

This will enable Back Office user to:

  • see it in the hooks list
  • be able to plug some modules on it (in Position page)
  • allow other modules to listen to this hook being called and add some extra behavior

You can register your hook from your theme’s theme.yml file:

      - name: displayFooterBefore
        title: displayFooterBefore
        description: Add a widget area above the footer

You can also register your hook from a module:

// Create the function for the MyCustomHook hook public function
MyCustomHook($params) { // method body }

// Register the MyCustomHook hook

// Call it from PHP