Cookie component

The Cookie component is in charge of managing everything that the PrestaShop stores in the cookie mechanism of the browser. It helps set, get, and delete data stored in the cookie storage.

All information stored in the Cookie component is encrypted before being stored in the cookie mechanism for safety reasons.


A Cookie instance is available through Context.

To get a Context instance from a Controller subclass or a Module subclass, the Context should be called with this shortcut:


From anywhere else, you can get the Context instance by calling:


Once retrieved a Context instance, simply access Cookie with:


To set a cookie key with the name mycookie and the value myvalue, do the following:

$cookie = $this->context->cookie;
$cookie->mycookie = 'myvalue';
The Cookie component uses the magic method __set() to allow setting values to the object like they were public properties.

To get the cookie key with the name mycookie, do the following:

$cookie = $this->context->cookie;
$myCookieValue = $cookie->mycookie;
The Cookie component uses the magic method __get() to allow getting values to the object like they were public properties.

To test if a given key exists in the cookie exists, do the following:

$cookie = $this->context->cookie;
$cookieExists = isset($cookie->mycookie);
The Cookie component uses the magic method __isset() to allow testing for existence values in the object like they were public properties.

To delete the key with name mycookie from the PrestaShop’s cookie, do the following:

$cookie = $this->context->cookie;
The Cookie component uses the magic method __unset() to allow unsetting values in the object like they were public properties.

What is stored in Cookies

PrestaShop stores natively in its core (or in native modules) lots of information in Cookies, such as:

Cookie name Description Type Personal information Module Back office context
date_add Date when the cookie was created date (Y-m-d H:i:s)
id_lang Current language ID integer
id_currency Current currency ID integer
last_visited_category ID of the last visited category integer ps_categorytree
id_guest ID of the guest customer account integer
id_customer ID of the customer account integer
id_connections ID of the Connection entity integer
id_country ID of the selected country integer
shop_context Current shop ID integer
checksum Checksum validation string for the cookie string
customer_lastname Customer’s lastname string
customer_firstname Customer’s firstname string
passwd Password of the customer string
logged Indicates whether the customer is logged boolean
email Email of the customer string
id_cart ID of the cart integer
remote_addr IP address of the customer string
account_created Indicates if the customer created their account integer
iso_code_country Customer prefered ISO code country string
checkedTOS Deprecated Replaced with check_cgv integer
check_cgv Indicates if customer checked terms and conditions integer
contactFormToken Contact form token value string contactform
contactFormTokenTTL Contact form token time to live (for expiration) integer contactform
viewed Viewed product IDs array ps_viewedproduct
is_contributor Indicates if employee is contributor boolean
collapse_menu Indicates if the admin menu should be collapsed by default boolean
last_activity Last activity timestamp of employee timestamp (integer)
employee_form_lang ID of the lang for the logged employee integer
entity_selected Export entity selected integer
csv_selected Export format selected integer
separator_selected Export csv separator selected integer
multiple_value_separator_selected Export csv multiple value separator selected integer
stats_year Year selected for stats integer
stats_month Month selected for stats integer
stats_day Day selected for stats integer
checkup_order Checkup module ordering integer statscheckup
stats_granularity Granularity of stats module integer statsforecast
stats_id_zone ID of the zone for stats module integer statsforecast
statsstock_id_category ID of the category for statsstock module integer statsstock
Please note that third-party modules can store other pieces of information with the Cookie component.


If you have questions regarding the GDPR subject on PrestaShop, you will find more information on: PrestaShop user guide - GDPR


The cookie mechanism in browsers has some limitations about how much data you can put in.

  • According to RFC 6265 (chapter 6.1), browsers must support at least 50 cookie per domain and a minimum size of 4096 bytes (4kb) per cookie (cookie name + value / attributes).

  • PrestaShop will create only one cookie, in the $_COOKIE array, with each key and value data appended to a string and finally encrypted for safety reasons.

  • Please note that most browsers will ignore the cookie if its size is superior to 4096 bytes, which makes a limit around 1000 characters before encryption.

If you need to store more information, you should consider using server-side storage such as session or database, or use browser-side storage such as localStorage.