Getting started

Before diving into technical aspects of the multistore, this article will show you the basics of setting up multiple shops from your PrestaShop’s back office.

Enabling multistore

By default, you can manage only one store in your back-office, if you want to manage more than one store you must enable multistore feature.

  • In Shop Parameters > General, click on “Enable multistore”

Creating a new store

Once the multistore mode has been enabled, a new BO page dedicated to the management of your multiple stores appears in the menu:

  • Advanced Parameters > Multistore

From this page, you will be able to create new shops and shop groups: each shop must be assigned to a group.

It might be useful to create different shop groups if you want to apply different configurations to subsets of shops.

Choosing a shop context

From now on, at the top of the back office pages, you will see a dropdown allowing you to select a shop or a shop group, so that the actions made in configuration pages will be applied to the chosen context (all shops, all shops belonging to a specific group, or a specific shop).

Multistore context dropdown

Not all features and modules are compatible with multistore.