Extends TextType with additional button which allows to generate random value for input.

Type options

Option Type Default value Description
generated_value_length int 32 The length of value to be generated

Required Javascript components

Component Description
GeneratableInput Generates a random value for input.

Code example

// path/to/your/CustomType.php

use PrestaShopBundle\Form\Admin\Type\GeneratableTextType;

class CustomType
    public function buildForm(FormBuilderInterface $builder, array $options)
            ->add('key', GeneratableTextType::class, [
                'generated_value_length' => 16,

Then in Javascript you have to enable GeneratableInput component.

import GeneratableInput from "admin-dev/themes/new-theme/js/components/generatable-input";

// initiate the component
const generatableInput = new GeneratableInput();

// attach the component to button which should be targeted to generate random value on click.

// note that the button is required to have 2 data-* attributes to define input target and value length.
// for example:

 *    <button class="js-generator-btn"
 *      data-target-input-id="my-input-id"
 *      data-generated-value-length="16"
 *    > Generate!
 *    </button>

Preview example

GeneratableTextType rendered in form example